Financial Services (Remote)

Red Rock Horizon

Georgia, United States Full-time in Sales & Marketing
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    Job Description

    No matter what you hear, AI is disrupting traditional employment -forever. Feeling anxious but not entirely sure where to begin?

    In the last 18 months, we’ve built cutting-edge AI and automation systems to benefit our team, making it extremely easy for you to do the same.

    We’re Red Rock Horizon, a remote friendly tech-focused, human-first team of 400+ financial agents. Everyone on our team receives a fully automated CRM with built-in AI and a dedicated personal assistant.

    Our systems effectively handle 90% of the tedious work, freeing you to focus on more valuable activities, so you can increase your productivity and enhance your work-life balance to achieve whatever personal, family, and financial goals you choose.

    Please click the link to confirm your info and watch our brief 15 minute overview:


    Tech-Focused; Human-First: Leverage AI and automation to maximize productivity and create a win-win for you and your clients 100x more clients.

    Industry Leading Support: Receive a fully automated CRM, your own dedicated personal assistant and access to all the training you will ever need. Nobody else is doing this.

    Deliver Real Value: Do business and protect your relationships. Help friends, family and total strangers with practical & timeless financial programs almost nobody has ever heard of before.

    Earn On Your Terms: Begin full-time or part-time and work from literally anywhere in the world. AI, Covid, Zoom and the internet itself have changed everything- take advantage of it.

    Uncapped Income: Get paid 2x per week, monthly & quarterly bonus’s, residual income, agency income & world travel paid for by the company. If you aren’t making money while you sleep, then it’s time you made a change.

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