Licensed Mental Health Clinician – D.C. (Remote)

Capitol Hill Consortium for Consulting & Consultation

Washington DC, United States Full-time in Healthcare & Medical
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    Job Description

    Capitol Hill Consortium for Counseling & Consultation LLC (CCCC) is a reputable counseling and consultation organization dedicated to improving mental health in the D.C., Virginia and Maryland area. Our mission is to provide mental health equity to individuals, couples, and families while offering a supportive environment for our experienced therapists.

    Position Overview:

    We are actively seeking licensed therapists to join our growing team. At CCCC, we take care of the administrative and billing aspects of your practice, allowing you to focus on delivering top-tier care to your clients.

    What Sets Us Apart:

    Work Setting: At CCCC, you have the option to work in a hybrid (VA and DC), in-person (VA and DC), or virtual environment (VA, DC and MD). This flexibility ensures that your work aligns with your professional goals and lifestyle.

    Employment Opportunities: We understand that everyone’s career journey is different. That’s why we provide both part-time and full-time opportunities, allowing you to tailor your work schedule to your needs. Whether you’re seeking a full-time commitment or looking for a part-time role, CCCC has options that suit your professional goals.

    Supervision Opportunities: CCCC is committed to providing supervision to supervisees, fostering growth and professional development within our network.

    Seamless Insurance Processing: Our streamlined insurance acceptance process takes care of the administrative and billing complexities, leaving you free to build lasting client relationships and maximize reimbursement rates from our extensive network of insurance providers.

    Collaborative Network: Join a diverse community of dedicated professionals focused on your growth and success. At CCCC, we foster innovation, encourage collaboration, and push boundaries. Exchange insights, learn from industry leaders, and be inspired by a community that understands your professional journey.

    Effortless Scheduling and Waitlist Management: Manage your appointments effortlessly and optimize your practice. Our intuitive scheduling support staff ensures seamless coordination, minimizing gaps in your schedule. Our advanced waitlist management feature helps you fill openings quickly, ensuring a consistent flow of clients.

    Guaranteed Payroll: Concentrate on your clients while we handle the financial side. With CCCC, you can trust that your payroll will always be delivered on time, providing peace of mind and allowing you to deliver exceptional care.

    Professional Development: Discover the latest trends, innovative techniques, and strategies that will propel your practice forward. Stay ahead of the curve with internal workshops. Collaborate with colleagues in our weekly peer consultation groups to share insights, discuss challenging cases, and receive valuable feedback in a supportive environment. Engage in critical analysis of complex cases through our challenging case reviews. Your growth as a therapist is our priority.

    Career Development: Fuel your career growth with a range of opportunities at Capitol Hill Consortium for Counseling & Consultation, LLC (CCCC LLC). From providing corporate consultation to holistic wellness retreats, we offer diverse pathways for your professional advancement. Explore opportunities within our Training and Testing Department to contribute to cutting-edge research and innovative projects. Your career journey with us is built on growth, diversity, and unique avenues for development.

    Access to a Wide Range of Insurance Providers: We have a dedicated team to negotiate contract rates on your behalf, ensuring you get the most competitive reimbursement rates. We accept both public and private insurance, broadening your horizons and increasing your revenue potential. With CCCC, you gain access to a vast network of insurance companies offering competitive reimbursement rates, providing opportunities to serve a diverse clientele.


    • Must hold a valid license in MD, VA and/or DC with one or more of the following: LPC, LICSW, LCSW, LCPS, LCSW-C, LGPC, LGSW, RIC, MSW (VA), and LMSW.
    • Passion for delivering exceptional mental health care.
    • Dedication to continuous professional development.


    Full-Time and Part-Time Opportunities: We provide both full-time and part-time opportunities to suit your professional goals and lifestyle preferences.

    Initial Part-Time Status: Clinicians starting with us begin as part-time 1099 contractors.

    Client Caseload: Full-time clinicians typically see 30 clients a week, while we ask part-time clinicians to see a minimum of 10 clients a week.

    Path to Full-Time and W2 Status: For those who wish to transition from part-time to full-time and shift to W2 status, we provide a structured path to help you achieve your career goals.

    Our W2 benefits package includes:

    • Health Insurance
    • Dental Insurance
    • Disability Insurance
    • Life Insurance
    • 401(k) Services

    Join Capitol Hill Consortium for Counseling & Consultation LLC (CCCC) and become part of a supportive network of mental health professionals committed to making a positive impact on clients’ lives. Apply today to contribute your expertise to our mission of providing outstanding mental health equitable care.

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