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    AvaMed Workforce is currently in need of Licensed Clinical Psychologists to take on a remote MDO Evaluator role within the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR). This full time position requires the MDO Evaluator to travel one day a week and work remotely the remainder four days a week from home.

    The one day of travel will consist of visiting a correctional facility in the Southern Region. Central Region , and Northern Region which spans from San Diego to San Luis Obispo . During that visit to a CDCR facility the MDO Evaluator will be responsible for the clinical interview and evaluation of 4-5 patients. Based on these clinical interviews you will be required to write 4-5 evaluations respectively. You will be reimburse at $105/hr and paid up to a maximum of 10 hours per evaluation. On day of visit you will be paid for 8 hours or how long it takes to complete the 4-5 clinical interviews. The clinical interviews and evaluation will consist of but not limited to a thorough biopsychosocial, medical record review, medication management, and indicated assessments. Based on these interviews you will be required to write a 15 to 25 page written evaluation for each of the 4-5 patients you interviewed. You will be reimbursed for the required 4-5 evaluations at $105/hr with a maximum of 10 hours per evaluation in addition for the 8 hours spent a the facility. You are not limited to the 4-5 evaluations per week or 8 hours during your facility visit depending on time needed to complete the minimum of 4-5 evaluations.

    NOTE: Maximum Pay Per Week is dependent on productivity and time spent on facility grounds as well as writing the evaluations. Reimbursement may be more or less but the requirement is 20 written evaluations per month. A reimbursement for one week whereby you spend 8 hours at a CDCR facility one day and write 5 evaluations at 10 hours an evaluation the remainder four days of that week will paid at 5 8 hours times the rate of $105/hr generating a weekly income of $4060.

    If you are interested please send me the following documents and information:


    CPR Card (AHA approved)

    2 References

    Psychologist Pocket

    License Driver’s License

    Covid Card

    Once I receive the above documents I will request the following to complete: Evaluation Writing Samples (I can provide an example if needed) Covid State Forms (adobe sign form sent after we receive above documents) Civilian Servant Affidavit (adobe sign form sent after we receive above documents) Providers are prescreened, interviewed by Regional Supervisor, and ultimate filled on the first providers to send all the above information. This process can take anywhere from 1-5 days and an offer can be made within a 1-2 weeks. Caveat: If you have been a Civil Servant of any CA State Facility (CDCR, DSH) you must wait one year from the day your employment with State ended to be eligible for this opportunity. Additionally if you are currently receiving CalPERS benefits you will need to disclose in order to determine eligibility. I am available via text, phone call, and email anytime to discuss this opportunity.

    Orlando Garcia Chief Executive Officer

    AvaMed Workforce AvaMed, Inc.

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