Sales Manager

Bonney Staffing

Not Specified, United States Full-time in Sales & Marketing
    • Job ID 1886271

    Job Description

    Compensation: $100,000-125,000
    1 – Prospecting and Lead Generation (40% of time will be spent in this area.):
    Finding and cultivating potential customers is crucial for driving sales revenue.
    This includes researching target markets, identifying prospects, and generating
    leads through various channels such as networking, cold calling, referrals, and
    online research. Prospecting and lead generation should be the highest priority,
    as it lays the foundation for future sales opportunities.

    2 – Relationship Building and Consultative Selling (30% of time will be spent in this
    Building strong relationships with prospects and customers is essential for
    successful sales outcomes. This accountability involves conducting thorough
    needs analysis, understanding customer pain points, and tailoring solutions to
    address their specific requirements. By adopting a consultative selling approach,

    the salesperson can position themselves as a trusted advisor, providing value-
    added insights and recommendations that align with the customer’s objectives.

    3 – Closing Deals and Negotiating (20% of time will be spent in this area.):

    Once relationships are established and prospects are engaged, the salesperson
    must focus on closing deals. This includes managing negotiations, addressing
    objections, and presenting compelling proposals that demonstrate the value and
    benefits of the product or service. Effective negotiation skills and the ability to
    handle objections are vital for successfully securing sales and achieving revenue

    4 – Account Management and Upselling (10% of time will be spent in this area.):
    After closing a sale, it is important to maintain and nurture the customer
    relationship. Account management involves providing ongoing support,
    ensuring customer satisfaction, and identifying opportunities for upselling or
    cross-selling additional products or services. By proactively managing accounts
    and maximizing customer value, the salesperson can drive additional revenue
    and foster long-term customer loyalty.

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