Vice President of Clinical Services (Remote)


North Carolina, United States Full-time in Executive Positions
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    Job Description

    Seeking a VP of Clinical Services! Your New Mission:

    • Master the art of provider selection, building a stellar network from the ground up.
    • Champion provider onboarding and training, ensuring a smooth transition into our ecosystem.
    • Oversee provider management, tackling everything from clinical inquiries to performance metrics.

    What You Need:

    • Leadership skills that motivate and guide, pushing the team towards excellence.
    • A strong grasp of Health Maintenance, focusing on prevention to keep everyone at their best.
    • Proficiency in Managed Care, optimizing cost, utilization, and quality like a pro.

    Your Role:

    • Lead the charge in provider selection, onboarding, and training to build a robust network.
    • Manage the Credentialing department with precision, aligning with our client’s specific requirements.
    • Handle provider management from clinical questions to chart submission and performance evaluation.
    • Oversee the audit review process and ensure clinical charting accuracy, setting the standard for excellence.
    • Collaborate with vendors for lab and screening materials, maintaining solid partnerships.
    • Ensure clinical reports are accurate before they reach our clients, maintaining our reputation for reliability.
    • Provide clinical support in client conversations, adding value and expertise when it matters most.

    You’re Right for This If:

    • You’re a natural leader, ready to steer the ship and inspire your crew.
    • Your expertise in healthcare shines, especially in managed care and health maintenance.
    • You’re tech-savvy, familiar with the latest tools and trends in healthcare management.
    • Detail-oriented and adept at multitasking, you thrive in a fast-paced environment.
    • A strong communicator, capable of bridging the gap between various departments and clients.

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